Project: Short Film – “Toast”

Released 2015 – Starring David Minard, Laurel O’Brien, Steven Turner

Project Title: Toast

Starring: David Minard, Laurel O’Brien, Steven Turner

Producer: Shanti Jones

Executive Producer: Thomas Sylla

Written, Edited and Directed By: Jule Dildine, Katie Atkinson, Wen Zheng, Lucas Medina, Shauna McKneely

MY ROLE: I was the lead in utilizing Logic Pro X to compose most of the songs in the first scene as well various songs throughout the short film. I also edited the sounds and worked on Foley to make sure that various scenes were matching the video. Each scene was broken down to each student and my initial responsibility was the first dinner preparation scene. Due to my experience with audio and video production, my responsibility expanded to the whole film.